From the History of WWII: A Genocide in Nazi Croatia

By Dr. Vladislav B. Sotirovic


Due to the current conflict in (East) Ukraine (historically known as Russia Minor), the world is more and more becoming informed about the genocide of the Poles, Jews, and Russians on the territory of West Ukraine during WWII committed by Ukrainian Nazi-nationalists (the Banderists). However, at the same time, in the Balkans, parallelly with the Ukrainian case, the organized (sadistic) genocide of the Jews, Roma, and above all the ethnic Serbs were on agenda but the world audience is still not properly informed about the case – the case occurred in the Nazi-shaped Independent State of Croatia.

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Incident in Poland that could have caused WW3 is making Ukraine lose credibility

By Dragana Trifković

In the past months, we could hear various forecasts and warnings regarding the current conflict between the West and Russia, which concern a high level of misunderstanding on many issues, but mostly on the issue of Ukraine. The Ukraine conflict itself is seen by the West and Russia from diametrically opposite positions. For the West, Russia is an aggressive party that attacked a sovereign state of Ukraine. On the other hand, for Russia, Ukraine is a country under control of the Western power centers, which is committing genocide against the Russian population. According to Russian officials, the reasons for launching a special military operation (as they call the intervention) are threats to the national security of the Russian Federation and the need to protect the Russian population, which has been under attack since 2014. So far, the collective West has not wanted to accept Moscow’s arguments, which has led to today’s situation of the highest level of political conflict between the West and Russia after the Second World War, without direct confrontation. Nevertheless, Russia believes that it is still waging war with the West, taking into account the fact that the West is arming and training Ukrainian army, and also, according to Moscow, is encouraging aggressive behavior of Kiev towards the Russians.

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Letter to the Commissioner for Human Rights concerning the situation of Serbs in Croatia

By: Svetlana Maksovic

Dear Ms. Mijatovic,

Thank you for responding to our previous letter. We would like to draw your attention to the violation of the human rights of Serbs in Croatia. As you know, the election campaign for the parliamentary elections to be held on July 5 of this year is currently in full swing in Croatia. However, the Serb minority in Croatia is increasingly becoming the target of inflammatory political rhetoric and hate speech.

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