By Dragana Trifkovic 

The Congress of the National Dialogue of Syria, which takes place in Sochi, aims to finally settle the long-standing conflict in that country.


It is attended by representatives of various ethnic, religious and political groups who through dialogue should determine the future structure of Syria. In addition to the ruling Baath party, representatives of the opposition and civil unions, as well as representatives of the permanent members of the UN and the countries of the Middle East, came to the congress. Russia has made both military and diplomatic efforts to help the Syrian people maintain the integrity and sovereignty of the country, as well as to overcome terrorism. In cooperation with Iran and Turkey, successful negotiations were held in Astana, and the congress in Sochi is the final point of all efforts to bring peace.

The Congress should have a Constitutional Commission, whose work is expected to lead to the definition of the basic law of Syria. It is expected that peace will be achieved during this year, military actions will end and political processes will begin to reintegrate the Syrian society. 

The Congress in Sochi is held without American representatives, who de facto do not want to admit defeat of their policies.


Instead, they try to challenge Russia’s victory and present it as their own. The absence of the US, perhaps, is a facilitator of the negotiations, given their participation in the Syrian conflict, from supporting terrorist groups to abuse of the Kurdish factor for the sake of achieving their own goals. The West has not played a positive role by diplomatic efforts, so it is likely that the UN will adopt a platform initiated by Russia. 

Settlement of the Syrian conflict is important not only for the Middle East, it will have a wider meaning. Unexpected Turkish interference suggests that much has changed.

31. January 2018. 

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