Народни покрет „Отаџбина“: Није важно да ли је Србија или Албанија, важно је да је Велика

Није никаква новина да је сепаратистички режим Аљбина Куртија изразито непријатељски настројен према Србима. То се огледа у многим стварима. Због...

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National movement of Serbs with Kim "Fatherland": cultural cooperation of" independent " Kosovo and Serbia, as a process of normalization of relations and recognition in accordance with the Ohrid plan

Договор о успостављању блиске сарадње између Народног позоришта из Београда на чијем челу је Светислав Буле Гонцић и Ћендра мултимедијале...

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The people's movement of the Fatherland: we clothe the flag with a great betrayal

Past the so-called. The all-Serbian Council organized by Aleksandar Vucic and Milorad Dodik when it comes to the southern Serbian province experienced a fiasco. Except for one general formulation on Resolution 1244sb, the issue of Kosovo and Metohija is on the total margins of this pompously named All-Serbian Council.

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Pavle Jeremic: all-Serbian Council-cheap marketing trick and drawing public attention

Written By: Paul Jeremic

There are 8 in Belgrade. in June, in the guise of the latest event, which was supposed to bring together and bring all Serbs together, the old radicals who managed to sell and tear apart everything Serbian in the last thirty years gathered. While kurti's paramilitary terrorist regime and Albania opened the borders between the so-called Kosovo. "Kosovo" and Albania, and the international community ridicules the performance of the president at the United Nations, Vucic and Dodik celebrate their alleged victory in Belgrade. Their false nationalism, which in fact is only a cover for the enrichment and sale of national interests, has been reduced to pure marketing and absolute control of public space.

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People's movement of the Fatherland: electoral engineering

Information Service of the people's movement of Serbs from Kosovo and Metohija "Fatherland"

On the second of June of this year, the north of Kosovo and Metohija was quite empty. A large number of its citizens, whose place of residence was changed by Aleksandar Vucic's regime in the previous period, rushed primarily to Belgrade to perform their civic duty and to vote there. This is the main reason why this part of Kosovo has been abandoned.

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