On October 26, 2021, a debate was held by European experts on a topic that is now quite acute for all of us: "Is Ukraine now an uncontrolled, aggressive neighbor or a desirable partner for the EU?"

At the "Open Europe" round table, the following spoke on this issue: Ruslan Pankratov - head of the Latvian political party "Ricibas", Algirdas Paleckis - Lithuanian politician, diplomat, former mayor of Vilnius, Belgian political scientist, publicist, international relations expert, former deputy the mayor of Liege, the head of the Peter the Great Foundation - Valerij Dvoinikov, the former member of the Bundestag Valdemar Herdt, the general director of the Center for Geostrategic Studies Dragana Trifković from Serbia and the candidate for governor of California Luis Marinelli.

Dragana Trifkovic for Vzglyad.az

US President Donald Trump received the leaders of Serbia and Kosovo at the White House. What results did the parties achieve at the Washington meeting?

“Firstly, the agreement signed in Washington between Belgrade and Pristina does not correspond to the interests of the Republic of Serbia and its international position on any point. The biggest winner of the agreement reached is Israel, which, in my opinion, was a mediator in the harmonisation and agreement between the two sides and Washington. Serbian President Aleksandr Vucic, through the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, in March this year agreed on part of the commitments, including the opening of Serbia’s diplomatic and economic mission in Jerusalem, which is a violation of international law and UN Security Council Resolution 478.

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By: Hamid Dabashi 

Once again it is presidential election season in the United States and once again progressive critical thinkers who care about the future of our humanity find themselves in a quandary - to get rid of the wicked Donald Trump and his corrupt family and cronies should they or should they not opt to vote for yet another corporatist liberal, Joe Biden. It is deja vu, it is a rerun of a tired old movie, it is Groundhog Day: We had it with Trump and Hillary Clinton last time, and we have it again with the same Trump and even worse Biden now.  

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