Center for Geopolitical Studies expert and human rights lawyer currently based in Damascus Arnaud Devaley shares his analysis of Erdogan’s recent moves at the Syrian front. 

“The Sultan is back to his old tricks,” he says. “Facing an uncertain presidential election in what was once touted as the pinnacle event of his legacy as uncontested leader of the Turkish republic, Ergogan's path to reelection is fraught with obstacles. The economic miracle of the first 20 years of his tenure is but a fading memory. Inflation has soared to 73% while the Turkish Lira has significantly depreciated in a context which has seen him directly get involved in replacing economic experts over dissent bearing which policy to adopt as relates to the interest rate. In other words, the Sultan owns it all.

Dr. Nabil Toumeh Syrian MP and businessman
Which servant of America, who played the role of the President of Ukraine, who, upon his success, was said to have attained the presidency by chance, is it reasonable?
I wonder ...
A trilogy imposed by the necessity of accomplishing any dramatic or comedic work, a movie or a play whose dimensions meet within virtual or realistic places with the help of a specialized quantity that reaches it or its results to the viewers who judge the idea and its performers, but the most important is who plays the roles, especially the starring role, that is, the star,  It is not necessary for the writer of the text to be present at the place of operations, but the presence of the actor is an absolute necessity, and the director is far from him, following up on the performance and the quality of implementation of what is required of him.

Mr. President of the United States of America, Joe Biden,

I, Mehdi Logunov, 87 years old, now a citizen of the Russian Federation, a former political prisoner of Ukraine, sentenced to 12 years in prison by a Ukrainian court on false charges fabricated by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) - subjected to sophisticated torture in the dungeons of the SBU, I appeal to you, Mr. President Joe Biden. You are not a young man, but wise by the years you have lived, with the experience of many years of public service in high government positions, listen to me, a man of almost 88 years old, who has gone through many difficult trials in life, including imprisonment, bullying and sophisticated torture. I, through the efforts of SBU servants, had 17 teeth broken, leaving only 6-six-teeth. And the remaining roots were very sick. And this went on for several months. Even the Nazi fascist Ukrainian authorities had to release me and deport me to Russia.

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