By Davor Vujacic


Western civilization, without any doubt, is in the state of general spiritual, moral, ideological and cultural decay. Not so long ago, what we called the "West" was the most prosperous civilization of all ages. Today, Western civilization can be defined as a geopolitical and cultural space that is absolutely dominated by the United States - or, more precisely, by the corrupt, completely alienated even from the citizens of their own nations, business, financial and political elite, known as the "American Deep State". American subjugated allies, foreign partners and other states that are mostly against their own will, heavily influenced by the United States, do not have enough strength to withstand the growing number of dictates, pressure and extortion by the United States, despite the fact that the interests of the American elite and nations subordinated to them, are very different and quite often, diametrically opposite. Not only that, but the interests of the American citizens themselves, also sharply contrast with the interests of the American deep state. American democratic traditions were once a shining example for the rest of humanity. Today, however, American democracy is reduced to the level of media spectacle – a glamorous and dazzling show deprived of basic essence. Almost imperceptibely, American democracy has become a hostage to the interests of a few and no longer serves the People, and as a result, all segments of the American as well as societies of nations that are de facto controlled from Washington, are deformed. This process has been going on for decades, but in recent years it has been accelerating. The speed with which not only American, but all other Western societies are moving beyond recognition, is deeply disturbing.

By Dragana Trifkovic, Director of the Center for Geostrategic Studies

On September 8, Donbass marks the 76th anniversary of the liberation from the German Nazis. On that day in 1943, the center of the city of Stalino, later called Donetsk, was liberated, which represented the initial phase of liberation of all Ukraine. This holiday is of great importance for the residents of Donbass and the culture of remembrance of suffering in World War II.

Resistance to fascism was a common struggle that united those who fought for a life based on freedom, peace and friendship between nations. In all countries of Europe, this struggle was supported and developed thanks to the heroism and dedication of the fighters, the courage and the spirit of self-sacrifice of the nations who helped the guerrilla groups in every way to resist the destructive Nazi cruelty that set fire to cities and countries, destroying unarmed citizens, men, women, the elderly and children. The most significant losses in the Second world war – about 27 million people – suffered the USSR, whose historical role in these events is that it became the main military and political force that led to the victorious course of the war, its results, namely the protection of the peoples of the world from enslavement by fascism. Mass murders were committed by the fascists in Italy and throughout Europe, occupied by the German army.

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