By  Ekaterina Blinova


While bureaucrats in Brussels try to shift the burden of responsibility for Syrian refugees to Serbia, the Eurocrats have apparently forgotten that the Balkan country has had to deal with its own Serbian refugee problem caused by the bloody dissolution of Yugoslavia instigated by the West, Dragana Trifkovic told Sputnik.

The current migration of people from the Middle East to Europe is an event of historic proportions, which could result in the long-term destabilization of European countries and drastically change the established status quo on the European continent, according to Dragana Trifkovic, an author, expert in geopolitics and the Director General of the Center for Geostrategic Studies, in Belgrade, Serbia.

"The huge wave of migrants from the Middle East is a big problem for Europe because it substantially changes its structure. We are now practically at the beginning of a crisis that will probably escalate in the future. Concerning Serbia, we are a transiting country for the migrants, not their final goal, and we don't have a strategy for their permanent stay.  That would be unacceptable for Serbia because the country cannot even provide a normal life for its own citizens, which is why young people leave Serbia looking for better conditions abroad," Trifkovic told Sputnik.

Eurocrats Shifting Burden of Responsibility to Others


By Marina Kharkova

“The fate of Serbia and the fate of Donbass”


That fate led me to meet with Dragana Trifkovic is not an accident. Dragana, who is a bright and bold Serbian politician, political scientist, and leader of public opinion, repeatedly came to Donbass, despite ongoing hostilities, in order to assist by word and deed. The foundation of her clear political position is the unity and solidarity of the Slavic world and a fierce rejection of Western intervention in others’ affairs. She is especially hostile towards NATO interventions, one of which, with the support of European structures, destroyed Yugoslavia and brought war and woe to her land. The most ruthless strike was inflicted on Serbia. Now, Europe has come to reap the benefits of being shackled in the wake of the American course. Dragana Trifkovic’s point of view is extremely interesting in light of events happening in Donbass and the world. 

Interview with Manuel Ochsenreiter, German publicist and editor in chief of the German monthly magazine Zuerst about German politics, relations between Germany and the US, economy and public attitudes toward anti-Russian sanctions and the reasons for the Ukrainian conflict.

An Interview Conducted By: Dragana Trifkovic (DT)


Manuel Ochseinreiter in Donetsk аt the conference "Donbas yesterday, today, tomorrow"

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