Interview with Manuel Ochsenreiter, German publicist and editor in chief of the German monthly magazine Zuerst about German politics, relations between Germany and the US, economy and public attitudes toward anti-Russian sanctions and the reasons for the Ukrainian conflict.

An Interview Conducted By: Dragana Trifkovic (DT)


Manuel Ochseinreiter in Donetsk аt the conference "Donbas yesterday, today, tomorrow"

Tribune "Ukrainian crisis and the Federal State of Novorossiya perspective"

 The following is a translation of an article about this public educational, co-sponsored by the Center for Syncretic Studies, which appeared in New Serbian Political Thought (NSPM) Magazine, in Serbia.  – The original can be found here: Трибина ”Руско пролеће- украјинска криза и перспективе Новорусије” .  It covers last week’s public educational ‘Tribunal’ led by several of Serbia’s geopolitical analysts, for the residents of Sremska Mitrovica. The presentations were given by  Milos Milojevic, Joaquin Flores, & Dragana Trifkovic.


Written by Dragana Trifkovic

After decades of imposing democracy on the rest of the world, America  has become the most hated nation.  However, if someone has not been clear about how freedom looks by America's criteria, they must visit the southern Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija.  Not only are the monuments and the churches fenced off, so are the people.  For the Serbs who live in ethnic enclaves in this region, "freedom" is limited to a few kilometers in diameter.

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