Jacques Hogard in the European Parliament



Ladies and gentlemen,


I am pleased to be here today at the invitation of the Center for Geostrategic Studies in Belgrade, here in the European Parliament.

As a senior French officer, I served in Macedonia and then in Kosovo in the first half of 1999. When I was assigned to the French Special Operations Command, I was appointed as the head of the joint special forces group that intervened before the French KFOR Brigade’s deployment under the command of NATO.

It is for this reason that I am speaking today, having published a few years ago a book with a deliberately provocative title: "Europe has died in Pristina". If you have not read it, I recommend you to do it! There you will find my testimony on this tragic period.

 ÃÂ ÃÂµÃÂ·Ã‘ƒÐ»Ñ‚ат слика за Evropa je umrla u Pristini

Dragana Trifkovic in the European Parliament 



Ladies and gentlemen, dear colleagues,

First and foremost, I would like to thank the European Parliament and especially Mr. Kohlíček for organizing this conference. The topic is more than up-to-date because there are pressures by the Western countries to resolve Kosovo's problem as soon as possible, but I am afraid that such an approach can only lead to a worse situation and to even more tensions. Especially now that there are increased tensions at the international level. Problems cannot be resolved by imposing violent and illegal solutions, and above all, it cannot lead to a permanent peace. Imposing violent solutions can only bring even greater violence, and we can clearly see it today in Kosovo.


Interview conducted by Dragana Trifkovic, Director of the Centre for Geopolitcal Studies with the MP of the German House of Representatives (Bundestag), Mr. Petr Bystron

Dear Mr. Bystron, recently we have met at the International Conference on the Development of Parliamentarism in Moscow recently. In front of representatives of Parliaments from all around the world, international experts and journalists you held a well-received speech, calling for an end to sanctions against Russia. Why?

I demanded an end to sanctions because they have not achieved anything except harming German business. There’s no point to maintaining these useless sanctions any longer.


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