Dragana Trifkovic: The Spirit of British Perfidiousness and American Brutality, or How the Media is Misused Against Dissenters

Written by: Dragana Trifkovic, Director of the Center for Geostrategic Studies

For years, Western intelligence services have been using the same tactics to create narratives about Russian spies and to discredit anyone who dares to have their own opinions. In fact, any independent journalist, analyst, or expert who expresses positive views about Russia or even questions anti-Russian propaganda becomes a target of certain media and entities engaged in intelligence-propaganda operations aimed at discrediting independent opinion. In early 2023, the Center for Geostrategic Studies conducted a comprehensive study of the ownership structure of the world’s leading media with the aim of identifying the centers of power that have the greatest influence on shaping the media image and spreading propaganda.

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