By Dragana Trifkovic

The usual views of pro-Western liberals are that when they think of the West, it makes them think of democracy, freedom of speech and human rights. The East, on the other hand, makes them think of dictatorship and repression. They create their own misconceptions on the basis of the media reports and propaganda that have been spread by the world’s media for decades. If you ask them what they think about the enforcement of democracy by bombs, they will not have an answer to that question.

Their favorite subjects are the Soviet gulags, although they know little about them. The symbol of the communist dictatorship is Stalin, and if you ask them about the bloody Lenin, you will hear only good things about him.

They can’t stand Putin and they have a nervous breakdown immediately when his name is mentioned. It is very difficult to talk to them, especially if they are overzealous, and in most cases they are.

They are particularly intolerant of straightforward arguments. American democracy is their undisputed model and should be implemented everywhere. However, nothing is going well anymore, democracy has just exploded in America. In the literal sense of the word. That does not make me happy at all. I know that the American establishment, in addition to bombing half the world – including my country – has destroyed its own State. And all this under the slogan of the so-called struggle for human rights.

Doctrine is one thing, statistics quite another…

The United States has spent a lot of money on wars in the last few decades. Every American taxpayer has contributed so that the U.S. military can launch bombs somewhere in the world. The amount in question is not easy to determine, but according to research by the Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs at Brown University, the United States has spent $6.4 billion to fund wars since September 11, 2001 and the declaration of the war on terrorism alone. Their conclusion is that wars have been accompanied by violations of human rights and civil liberties, both in the United States and abroad.

Julian Assange has also informed the world about this, publishing the entire archive of various documents on his Wikileaks website. Well, for showing the world the truth about the killing of civilians and journalists in Afghanistan and Iraq, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Oh no, wait, the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Obama, the one who continued old wars and started new ones in the Middle East, and by the way, he’s also the one who is known for killing people with drones? Maybe that’s why he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize? But why is it called the peace prize then? I’m asking stupid questions again.

And Snowden was the one who revealed to the world that American intelligence services were listening to their citizens and collecting data about them without authorization! On top of that, they’re still jailing people without trial or evidence! Well, this is truly the epitome of democracy! Snowden was promoted for such a disclosure! Oh no, wait, Snowden had to flee the United States. And do you know where? He fled to the country of that dictator Putin!

Something tells me things aren’t very clear. In the past, dissidents used to flee from the east to the west, and now they are doing exactly the opposite? They seem to have no understanding of democracy at all.

At the same time, no one has even asked these two guys to reveal such disturbing secrets to the world and to tell the Liberals the already established and irrefutable facts about American democracy. Who gave them that right? Wait a minute, everybody is supposed to have rights in a democracy, right? And everyone has the right to know the truth? Maybe not, if the truth isn’t good enough to hear?

Let’s go back to those Soviet gulags, the Russian and Chinese prisons. Maybe we can learn from them. Quite often we see on TV those huge OMON guys throwing demonstrators into vans. For the Liberals, this is the main proof that repression rules in Russia. I tried to explain to a Liberal friend of mine that protesters are breaking the law because they do not declare rallies, and in Russia you are not allowed to break the law. He told me that I was an agent of the Kremlin and that he would not listen to my propaganda. I just laughed, which made him hate me even more.

But I still had a guilty conscience because I hadn’t annoyed him enough. So I went home and got to work. I found a site on the Internet that publishes analyses of the number of prisoners in different countries. In order not to put him in the position of accusing me of spreading pro-Russian propaganda, I found research data published by the University of London Institute. And guess which country has the most prisoners in the world? Yes, you guessed it, the bastion of democracy – the United States. There are more than two million two hundred thousand people (2,200,000) in American prisons. And do you know how many are in the gulag in Russia? More than four times less! Of course, the United States has more people, but in percentage terms, the United States has twice as many prisoners per capita as Russia.

I duly recorded all the data, copied the links and sent a message to this Liberal friend telling him that I was sorry to try to convince him with ordinary Russian propaganda, so I felt obliged to provide him with more accurate data from western sources. He never replied to me.

Nikes for Dignity

And it just so happens that on the same day, protests began in the United States. I watched this scary video of a policeman holding a knee on the neck of a man who moans and says he can’t breathe. He didn’t even resist the arrest, on the video it seemed to me that he was in an alcoholic state and could barely move, dragging his legs behind him. The police threw him to the ground and put his knee on his neck. He lost consciousness and died shortly afterwards. Brutal.

This event triggered a series of protests in more than 150 cities across the United States.

The reason was excessive police repression. This is not new to the United States. By way of comparison, in 2015, when the American president was Barack Obama, according to the British Guardian’s analysis, in only 24 days since the beginning of 2015, more people were killed by the American police (59) than in England in 24 years (54). The Black Lives Matter movement, which leads protests in many American cities, was in fact born in 2013 at a time when Barack Obama was at the head of the United States, after the murder of an African-American teenager, which led to a rise in racial tensions. The murder occurred when an armed American, a member of the so-called Civil Guard, suspected a young man walking down the street. The Civil Guard is made up of members of the local community who organize themselves to protect themselves against burglary and theft. These facts indicate several things. The first is that the security of American citizens is not at a satisfactory level if citizens have to organize themselves into patrols. The second thing is that this is a society in which there is a high level of tension and even racial intolerance. The third thing is that the American justice system does not meet citizens’ expectations, as the judicial epilogue in the case of the murder of a teenager has shown, but there are many other examples. The fourth and final point is the emphasis on the excessive use of force by the U.S. police. We will agree that this is too much doubt on the basis of real arguments, and above all too much for a country that is regarded as a model of democracy, a desired model for the whole world and a country that has declared itself to be the arbiter of justice everywhere in the world, called upon to protect the human rights of all mankind. It turns out that this country is not even in a position to protect human rights on its own soil.

The current protests in the United States have turned into real street wars in some cities, and citizen dissatisfaction has turned into even worse violence. Instead of showing dignity by seeking justice for the murder of George Floyd, they took advantage of the moment to smash shop windows, steal Louis Vuitton handbags, Rolex watches, Nike sneakers and new tracksuits. In doing so, they created doubts about their intentions and deepened the problems that society is facing.

Black Lives Matter believes that Blacks in the United States are discriminated against and that there is a continuation of systemic racism in that country. The problem in American society is the use of the stereotype of African-Americans, which is based on racist motives. In the United States, there is a website that specializes in statistics on the risk of death in police interventions. According to the data on that website, from 2012 to 2018, the police killed an average of 2.8 people a day. Blacks are most at risk, and according to statistics for that period, 2.4 African Americans, 1.2 Hispanics and 0.7 whites were killed.

The protest actions in the United States were joined by members of the extremist organization ANTIFA, which caused riots and conflicts in some cities. In addition to the conflict with the police, many businesses were destroyed and looted, extensive material damage was caused and fires were started in some cities. Such events have further aggravated the situation in which the economy is currently finding itself, which has already suffered a severe blow as a result of the emergency measures put in place due to the coronavirus epidemic. US President Donald Trump has stated that he will initiate a procedure to include ANTIFA on the list of terrorist organizations.

It is obvious that there is a deep and serious rift in American society and that the two opposing sides are entering into a growing conflict, using all possible means at their disposal. Presidential elections in the United States are due to be held at the beginning of November this year, in which current President Donald Trump will fight for a new term. This is the main reason why ANTIFA, which is committed to the structures of the „Deep State“, has organized provocations with the aim of unleashing as much unrest as possible in the United States.

Maidan for Donald

Behind the show, which is taking place in front of the public, there is an even greater conflict between the liberal structures on the one hand, based on the Deep State system (liberal politicians from both parties, most of the Hollywood elite, mainstream media, bankers, etc.) and the conservative and patriotic structures (conservative politicians from both parties, the military security sector, businessmen, family people, etc.) on the other hand, who offer a different system. This struggle has been going on since Donald Trump took over as head of the United States, who has been trying to change the system for the past four years. The American swamp cannot be drained in a single term, so the work has only just begun. However, the re-election of Donald Trump would be a great danger to the liberal order, and that is why what is currently happening in the United States is a clear example of the organization of a coup against undesirable politicians who do not fit the agenda of the liberal structures.

On the other hand, the excessive use of force by US military security structures against demonstrators is an argument that the United States was using in order to interfere in the internal affairs of many countries. Could Russia now, for example, take international action to protect the human rights of demonstrators in the United States? It would probably be supported by Venezuela, Syria, Iran, China and who knows how many other countries that the United States have rewarded with bombs.

Apart from the political, social and health crisis in the United States, the biggest problem is the economic crisis. Donald Trump says that he has done more for African-Americans in the United States than any other U.S. president after Lincoln. If we look at the economic indicators of the last four years, he refers to the fact that he has reduced unemployment in the United States. The economic crisis that erupted in the United States in 2008 threatened the most socially vulnerable groups, including African Americans. Large numbers of black people had also lost their jobs as a result of the relocation of production from the United States to Asia.

Donald Trump’s policy was aimed at solving these problems and has had excellent results. However, during the coronavirus epidemic, 40 million Americans lost their jobs. Unemployment used to be 3.5% and is now around 15%, which means that one in four Americans who are able to work are unemployed. This situation calls into question all the results previously achieved, and the demonstrations are further destabilizing the situation and are not in favor of the current US President. On the other hand, Trump’s opponent is a politician who is deeply involved in corruption and against whom an investigation is already under way into the abuse of power in Ukraine. Clinton is also under investigation for abuse of power, corruption, financing of terrorism, etc. There are indications that an investigation may also be launched in the case of Obama. The election race in the United States will remain uncertain until the end under the given circumstances, but what is certain is that the conflict in society will not be resolved easily or quickly.

In all likelihood, it will continue after the presidential elections, regardless of the outcome.

And the countries in which the United States has staged coups and color revolutions are destabilized in the long term.

Meanwhile, protests against police repression and racism in the United States have turned into acts of looting of consumer goods and confrontation with symbols of American history. And this is something we have already seen several times in Iraq, Syria, Libya…

If Trump needs help in restoring order, we will be very happy to send him American soldiers from military occupation bases around the world. If that does not help either, he can ask Russia for advice.

Dragana Trifkovic, Director of the Centre for Geostrategic Studies

Belgrade, Serbia

Translated by: Svetlana Maksovic

July 8, 2020

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